About Tri-State Waterproofing

Our Story

Marty Marett and Virgil Robinson grew up as childhood friends. In 2001, Marty formed Tri-State Waterproofing. As the business grew, Virgil joined the Tri-State team, becoming a partner and trusted advisor. Marty and Virgil worked hard building their business and they still work hard. Many of those original Tri-State customers are still customers today. In addition to Georgia, Tri-State also provides service to Tennessee and the Carolinas.

Why Tri-State

Innovation– Since its inception, Tri-State has applied the latest techniques current in the construction industry and applied those techniques to waterproofing. These techniques have been widely used in new home construction and large commercial projects. Tri-State has even applied these advanced techniques to historic homes constructed in the early 1900s.

Critical Thinking – Every customer is unique. We’ll listen to you, make an assessment, and develop a solution using our proven methodology. That solution includes both the most advanced technology and high-grade products meant to last. We believe that our finished work should be nothing short of greatness.

Tri-State 100% Satisfaction Guarantee– We’re a family business that has grown to cover multiple states and handle large scale projects, but we’re still small enough where we know our customers by name and understand their unique set of needs and requirements. Tri-State Waterproofing builds lasting relationships through our commitment to excellence. Customer satisfaction, quality, and dedication prove to be the keys to our success.

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