The Tri-State 100% Satisfaction Guarantee which means you can trust us to keep the foundation of your home or building free from the damaging effects of water and moisture. We offer a range of warranties that ensures your satisfaction and keeps your investment protected. We make it our responsibility to make sure that the drain and waterproofing systems we install work properly upon installation and many years into the future.

As with any warranty, there are certain limitations. We are very transparent and provide a full disclosure of everything you need to know regarding our warranties. Tri-State is solely responsible for operating equipment that fails to perform. We will provide the necessary materials and labor to restore the defective drain or waterproofing system. However, Tri-State will not be held accountable for equipment that has been damaged or altered.

At Tri-State Waterproofing, we build lasting relationships with our customers through commitment to excellence. Our passion for what we do shows in all of our work. Customer satisfaction, quality, and dedication prove to be the keys to our success.

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