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Basement Waterproofing

Discovering water in your basement can be a stressful situation. Once water enters your home, mold and mildew start to grow and can eventually lead to structural damage. Whether your basement is suffering from standing water, a leaking crack or high humidity, Tri-State Waterproofing has the answer. We aim to give our customers peace of mind while we help them solve their waterproofing problem. Our water damage specialists are trained and experienced in locating the cause of your water leaking. All of our basement waterproofing solutions come with a free transferable lifetime warranty, satisfaction guarantee and affordable pricing. Financing options are available as well.

What Causes Water In My Basement?

  • Cracked walls
  • High water table
  • Improper yard drainage
  • Improper gutter drainage
Basement Waterproofing
Foundation Excavation
Waterproofed Pipe Foundation Wall
Sealed Wall Crack

Basement Interior Drain


The most common repair when you find water coming into your home is to install a basement interior drain system. We do this by installing a trench that is pitched towards a sump pump or gravity feed to discharge the water outside of the home and away from the foundation. A drainage system is placed within the trench to capture water coming from the wall or footing. Once installed the water is directed into our system and discharged away from the home guaranteeing a dry basement. This process is minimally invasive and takes between 1 to 2 days to complete.

Waterproof Basement
Exterior Drain
Exterior Drain
Waterproofed Sewerline

“Our waterproofing system has been through many storms over the past two years, including the latest torrential rains from Hurricane Sally. Our basement has been bone dry each time, and I’ve seen a ton of water coming out of the drain in the yard, so we know the sump pump is doing it’s job.” – James Mullin

Exterior Foundation Waterproofing


Exterior Foundation Waterproofing is done from the outside of the home. We start by excavating down to the footing level of the foundation. We then seal the walls and footing with our waterproofing membrane and drainage board. Our drainage board relieves the wall from hydrostatic pressure. Lastly, we install our drainage system below the footing to direct the water away from the foundation and backfill to grade level.

Waterproof Excavation
Exterior Drain
Exterior Waterproofing

Sewer / Waterline Leak


Our waterproofing specialist often find that the water issue is a much simpler fix then what the customer thinks. A sewer or waterline leak could be the root of the problem. When a home is being built a plumber usually installs both the sewer and waterline without sealing around the plumbing. This issue takes about an hour to fix and a fraction of the cost a traditional basement repair.

water pipe foundation wall
pipe sealed foundation wall

Basement Crack Injections


Another cause of water entering your basement could be from cracks on the floor or walls. These cracks show up do to the foundation settling over time. Hydrostatic pressure forces water through these cracks and into your basement. Our waterproofing specialist will inject these cracks completely blanketing the inside of the crack. After having Tri-State Waterproofing come fix your water problem you will receive a transferable lifetime warranty.

Cracked Basement Floor
Exterior Drain

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!

With our level of experience, its easy to see why we stand behind our people and their work by providing our customers the Tri-State 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Our guarantee sets us apart from the competition and gives our customers an extra level of confidence when making such an important decision.

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