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Why Homeowners, Builders and Property Managers Trust Tri-State Waterproofing

Innovation– Since its inception, Tri-State Waterproofing has studied the latest techniques in the construction industry and applied that research to basement waterproofing, foundation repair and concrete lifting. These techniques have been widely used in new home construction and large commercial projects. Tri-State has even applied these advanced techniques to historic homes constructed in the early 1900s.

Critical Thinking – Every customer is unique. We’ll listen to you, make an assessment, and develop a solution using our proven methodology. That solution includes the most advanced technology and high-grade products meant to last. We believe that our finished work should be nothing short of greatness.

Tri-State 100% Satisfaction Guarantee– We’re a family business that has grown to cover multiple states and handle large scale projects, but we’re still small enough where we know our customers by name and understand their unique set of needs and requirements. Tri-State Waterproofing builds lasting relationships through our commitment to excellence. Customer satisfaction, quality, and dedication prove to be the keys to our success.

Basement Waterproofing

Having repaired thousands basements and foundations, our skilled Tri-State team knows how to find the cause of your water problems and fix them right – the first time. Our waterproofing specialists can come to your home and assess the extent of any necessary repair to stop the leaks so that you can go back to living comfortably.
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Crawlspace Solutions

Standing water is fuel for the growth of mold and mildew in the warm environment of your crawlspace. The Crawl space Interior Drain system (CID) is installed inside crawl space foundations where standing water is a problem. The CID collects all of the water and moves it to a central point where it will drain.
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Water Management

Water drainage from gutters and landscaping can cause damage to your home foundation. Our experts can evaluate your grading and provide the best solution for your repair. This repair could be as easy as using gutter drain extensions, installing a grate in your driveway or sidewalk.
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Commercial Waterproofing

Waterproofing large buildings extends beyond the parking deck in the building envelope. Accordingly, our commercial waterproofing expertise extends from parking lots to below-grade building structures including above-grade and below-grade walls, pedestrian walkways, parking garages, sub-structures, water fountains, elevator shafts and more.
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Foundation Repairs

Foundations can sink, causing interior and exterior walls to shift and crack. Our repair uses custom fit piers for your building. Using Lifting piers and pushing piers, we are able to lift and level the structure to where it’s supposed to be. We have repaired several homes and commercial buildings using a technique that no other company in Georgia can provide.
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Concrete Correction

We use a high-density industrial grade polyurethane in our lifting and leveling of concrete driveways, sidewalks, patios, pool decks and more. The polyurethane once injected will seek out voids or weak areas in the soil. During the expansion of the Polyurethane it will mix & bind with the soil filling voids below. This gives a good base to start lifting and leveling the slabs back into place. Our non-invasive system ensures homeowners and businesses minimal down time.
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New Construction Waterproofing

Builders, Contractors & Homeowners work with Tri-State Waterproofing every day to protect their investments from water & moisture damage. We offer 5, 10 or 25 year warranties to all of our paid customers in writing. Personalized warranties are available upon request for builders and contractors. Read More…

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!

With our level of experience, its easy to see why we stand behind our people and their work by providing our customers the Tri-State 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Our guarantee sets us apart from the competition and gives our customers an extra level of confidence when making such an important decision.

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